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COR100 has always been passioned by music since he was listening to vinyls in the 80’s (Rock, early Acid House, Giorgio Moroder, Alan Parsons Project, New Wave,etc…) and discovered an interest for the drums (started playing at 13 years old) and the music with synthetic sounds or machine based music in general. He really started his record collection in 1994 while going to one the first electronic music record shop and label in his city : Independance Records. Spending time with local djs he got offered an internship at the label’s and shop who also owned a club called « Le Space » where he had the chance to spin his fisrt warm ups (1998) already between a minimalistic house music style and Techno (from Chicago, UK, French and german influenced). In 2002, he left France for the U.S to study audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in NYC (graduated in 2004) and started music production. During this time, he met Jedsa Soundorom from Paris and promoted together parties (i.e. at Mbar, Tapis Rouge, etc…). While playing at a record shop in Brooklyn (Halcyon) he got offered to promote a party in a new venue called Table 50 where he invited his mates Justin Strauss and Jedsa Soundorom. He was also a guest dj at East Village Radio and at around 20 venues. He became resident dj on Saturdays at Opia (lounge of Habitat Hotel). Spending time record shopping and learning by listening every time possible on Mondays François K and all the other days the best djs playing in town (MOMA PS1s, Sullivan Room, Cielo, APT, Volume, etc…). In 2005, he came back to Lyon and played at DV1 club on a regular basis. He got invited to play by the Nuits Sonores Festival crew for their Echo Sonore events, Hypnotik, Electro Garden parties, at Kiosk Club in Lille. With his association (Ears Music with Jedsa Soundorom and Eat_Rabbit), he co-promoted events (and played) at the Nuits Sonores Festival in 2006 and 2007, (DV1 club (Lyon), L’Alternative in Paris) inviting guests djs such as Dyed Soundorom, Shonky (Apollonia), Terry (La Vie en Rose). In addition to those guest, he had the pleasure to spin alongside : Damian Lazarus, Chloé, Paul Kalkbrenner, Djulz, Quenum, John Selway, The Hacker, Kiki, Housemeister, Hervé Ak, Miss Fitz, Michal Ho, Brodinski, Jef K, Eva Gardner to name a few. He produced music for Stir Sound (NYC), Time Has Changed (FR), Mystery Train Rec. (Russia) since the end of 2000’s. He started his label Zingiber Audio / Zingiber Audio Digital in 2011 with an self-production on vinyl. Since 2015, the label is bringing from deep house, tech house, minimal grooves, dub house and deep techno. COR100 is working with several artists like Julien Sandre, Politics of dancing, 2Vilas, Outstrip, System2, Juliche Hernandez and the vinyl releases are distributed in Europe at the main online electronic record shops like,, and in digital at Beaport, Juno Download, Traxsource, Clone digital, Apple Music, Amazon mp3 to name a few.



There’s no limit to the number of lives you can live in music. Jedsa Soundorom knows this more than most – from his early love affair with hip hop to his wild ride through the 90s house scene, the Paris-based DJ and producer has sampled more sides of the music game than most. He first saw the light at parties in London before holding down a high-level residency at Les Bains in Paris, only to end up spinning records in the rush of New York’s house circuit at The Limelight, Cielo, Pacha and more. After the intensity of the Big Apple, time spent as a DJ in Costa Rica with the sand under his feet was the perfect antidote, indulging his musical obsession in a pressure-free environment.

With his well-travelled soul loaded with experiences from across the globe, his interests have naturally drifted towards production as another means of self-expression. While he had already been immersing himself in the craft of making his own music, pivotal sessions with close friends Hector Moralez and Jef K pushed his technique and vision even further. With the in-demand Jack Is High 12” on Zingiber Audio and releases and remixes for Deeplomatic, Soleil de Nuit and Viva Music already in circulation, Jedsa’s inventive, playful approach to house music continues to infect the contemporary scene.

Whether on the decks or on record, Jedsa’s Caribbean roots, his years of experience and relentless energy fuse to make for a thrilling and refreshingly honest artist unbound by formula and always striving for the feeling between the groove.



One of the most proliphic duos of the moment in Ibiza, with residence in the nightclub Pacha ibiza.
Formed by Hector and Carlos, is one of the most proliphic duos of the moment in Ibiza, with residence in the nightclub Pacha ibiza.
After becoming known, as sound technicians in 2008, they perform their first performance at the Pacha club. After their success in the booth with only 19 years they decided to form the duo which is now known as 2VILAS.
They spend 4 years locked in the studio until they decide to release their first album ¨ All right ¨ having a result of the beatport TOP 10, apart from the support of the greats of the scene like, Carl Cox, Luciano, Loco Dice, Dj Sneak + +
Since that date until today they have not stopped making music, some of the labels are: Organic Music, Politics of dancing, Flashmob Records, OFF Recordings …
2012 was a good year, They’ve launched their first Vinyl together with Toni Moreno for the menorcan label Anchura Records which was sold out in all stores in a few days, also supported by Luciano during the following 3 years.
In the last 4 years they have passed through different residences on the island of ibiza such as Destino Ibiza, Sankeys Ibiza and currently residing in the nightclub Pacha, in which they also belong to the Pacha Agency and Pacha Ibiza On Tour, also they usually act in the different clubs of Ibiza as Space, Privilege, Ushuaia.
Besides have acted in different parts of the world like: Tokyo, Rio Janerio, Sao Paulo, London, Istanbul, Maldive Islands, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Dublin, Torino, Canary Islands among others …
In 2016 decide to create their own label with the artist ”Tato”, called WAX ISGUD, editing only on vinyl and limited editions.
This label is working with current artists such as Nick Beringer, Saverio Celestri, Bassa Clan, Pod +++
They also have the pleasure of being able to mix and select the music from the Official CD of INSANE by Pacha, a very clear reference to their sound currently, and to end the year Are nominated in the dj Awards as two revelations of 2016!
Without hurry but without pause the following year they decide to create the new label, called ”ISLA RECORDS”, next to Simone Cundari, a more underground version of the duo and a more techno sound. At the same time they create a new alias ¨ UNIT ¨ taking out its first reference in January of 2017 and with quite high expectations for this 2017.



Dejan Dex, born 1990 in Bitola, Macedonia, has been Djing since 2006 and started producing in year 2007. His style varies from Deep to House and Techno. Dejan has already released on labels like: Excel, Artefact, Ban-Off, Sui Generiz, Tokyo Red and Nordik Net. His tracks have been supported by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, DJ W!ld, Technasia, Stacey Pullen, DJ Sneak, Axel Bartsch, Guy J, Ramon Tapia etc.
Dejan Dex, born 1990 in Bitola, Macedonia, has been Djing since 2006 and started producing in year 2007. His style varies from Deep to House and Techno. Dejan has already released on labels like: Excel, Artefact, Ban-Off, Sui Generiz, Tokyo Red and Nordik Net. His tracks have been supported by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, DJ W!ld, Technasia, Stacey Pullen, DJ Sneak, Axel Bartsch, Guy J, Ramon Tapia etc.



DJ, producer, label manager and collector of vinyls …
It is clear how much music has an important role in the life of Julien, who, however, had to get busy, and not a little, to realize his ambitions.

DJ, producer, label manager and collector of vinyls …
It is clear how much music has an important role in the life of Julien, who, however, had to get busy, and not a little, to realize his ambitions.
Growing up on the outskirts of his city, Julien started very young, in his room with two battered turntables and boxes of discs.
Then came the performances in small clubs of his city and the first floor acclamation that appreciated the elegant and original musical research that already characterized his dj set.
The sound of this phase was well represented from house of Derrick Carter, of MAW, of Paul Johnson & David Duriez.
The approach to the Parisian underground scene and the desire of a more personal and sought style stimulated his interest in more complex and intriguing sounds that shaped the sound of the artists of French label Freak ‘n’ Chic and micro-house electronic of Romanian scene and of the German label Perlon.
This veritable “musical epiphany” has definitely represented a turning point in the musical journey of Julien who at that time started with the activity of producer.
In a few years it has carved out a significant role and highly respected in the complex and difficult world of electronic music with its sought after DJ set in around Europe, during which he also shared the console with important figures of the environment among the such as Zip, Raresh, Margaret Dygas, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and his productions with which he was able to work with some of the most important labels in the industry and have always received great support from top international DJs.
In 2015 he opened with his friends and partners Konstress , the label only vinyl Blind Box that already has become in a few months a true derives “cult” label for fans of the genre and whose release are easily found in bag of Ricardo Villalobos, Arpiar and Zip.
Julien’s music search is unceasing and constantly changing and determined to make his style more original and intriguing for the listener of his sets and his productions.



Greenblood is a mesmerising new collaboration between Jedsa Soundorom and DJ Konix.

Fusing deep, rolling grooves with stripped back funk, melancholic echoes, hypnotic soundscapes and charged emotional tension, Green Blood unite mind and body into pure sonic experience.

Cutting his teeth alongside David Guetta of all people during his 1990’s Les Bains residency, Jedsa moved to New York where he became a key player in the Big Apple’s club scene. Forging an increasingly eclectic sound, he was soon in global demand and unleashing a steady stream of high profile releases.

Baptised by frequency on the dancefloors of the early 1990’s, DJ Konix’s sets radiate a magnetic energy. Bringing together deep techno with sunshine house, tropical flourishes, abstract sweeps and a pumping spirit, he has played clubs, festivals and outdoor parties from Ibiza to the Carribbean to Bogota while releasing a string of dancefloor gold under various guises.

Together as Green Blood, they take a journey into the architecture of soul. Heavyweight bass and fat primal beats anchor liquid curves and enveloping atmospherics. Low slung, penetrating and all embracing, this is tomorrow’s deep soul groove.



A producer with several critically acclaimed local and international releases under his belt, Jimmy Chronic is part of a new generation of South African DJs and producers to whom the words ‘boundaries’ and ‘borders’ do not apply. As a founding member of the Fusion Underground crew, he’s been rocking the upstairs floor at Truth for over three years now. This residency and his distinctive style have played a crucial role in the evolution of minimal, techno and tech house on South Africa’s dancefloors.

James Cells (AKA Jimmy Chronic) is one of the hardest-working DJs in the South African club scene. His reputation and status as a crowd-rocking DJ and kick-ass producer place him at the forefront of South Africa’s underground dance music scene.

Jimmy Chronic has crafted a unique style, which is regarded as synonymous with the minimal and tech house and techno scene in South Africa. This unique style, sound and energy has made him one of the most recognisable and best-loved DJs. Every weekend James conquers parties and clubs around Johannesburg and South Africa’s other major cities—moving people, figuratively and literally, with his faultless mixing and distinctive tune selection.

This set of skills has made him firm favourite with club owners and festival promoters— placing him behind the controls at virtually every note-worthy club in the country, including @115, Carfax, Parliament 52, Natural Groove , Sugar, 96 Degrees, Fiction (CPT) and Tilt (DBN). James is no stranger to festivals either playing at South Africa’s largest outdoor party H20, as well as Fu-Cha Gatherings, Woodstock and Elev8 festival in Malawi. James has also shared the stage with several high-profile international visitors: Mike Monday, Konrad Black, Apoll, Ziggy Kinder, Pete Bones, Wally Lopez amongst others.

James’ production expertise is further evidence of his multi-dimensional musical talent. Not content with being a DJ, James taught himself to produce music— and in 2006 his track ‘Beans’ was snapped up by South African label WOT and released on Soul Candi Sessions 3 and Dig Deeper (mixed by Brett Jackson). In 2007, his track ‘Lemon Drops’ was signed by Gung Ho, licensed by Cream, Ministry of Sound and Decadence recordings—some of the biggest dance labels in the world. The track featured on three massive releases: Ministry of Sound Sessions 16, Cream Summer 2007 and The No. 1 Club Hits Album respectively. Since then he has started his own imprint Sleepwalker Recordings, which has big releases in the pipeline.

Constantly evolving and working towards bigger things, Jimmy Chronic is now working with a visual artist to incorporate visual element to his sets— merging music and art into powerful and provocative experiences. Recently James has launched an events management company called WE ARE THE NOISE which hosted New Zealand tech DJ, Emmerson Todd at an explosive launch.

A taste of big things in the future from this undeniable and determined talent.



This young Canarian owner of Downhill Music with his very deep and dark French house style, is making his name sound very much in the House International scene. He started his productions in 2011 and has not stopped since. He has signed on very important labels like Oblack, Time Has Changed, Roush, Electronique, Overall Music, Zingiber Audio, System2 Label, Decay Records, among others and has played in many clubs in Europe (Arona Summer Festival (Tenerife), Carl Cox Revolution (Space, Ibiza), Paris, London, Montpellier, Milan, Naples, Zurich, Barcelona, etc.). .) And sharing cabin with greats like Nina Kraviz, Jamie Jones, Martin Landsky, Paul Ritch, Uner, Maceo Plex, etc.
Headquartered in Gran Canaria, he is a resident of EveGroup, a collective of the island and very assiduous in the best club of the island, Mood Club.



System2 was born out of a desire to produce & perform music that meant something to it’s creators.

We are a duo from Manchester & up until now have kept our identities on the down-low after having previously worked our way up the industry ladder under a former alias. In the past, we’ve worked for labels such as Cécille Records, Get Physical Music, PIAS and Nervous amongst others, so we’re no s..

System2 was born out of a desire to produce & perform music that meant something to it’s creators.

We are a duo from Manchester & up until now have kept our identities on the down-low after having previously worked our way up the industry ladder under a former alias. In the past, we’ve worked for labels such as Cécille Records, Get Physical Music, PIAS and Nervous amongst others, so we’re no strangers to the house scene.

Growing up in Manchester really cemented our love for house music at an early age, as it’s what we heard when we first started going out clubbing. Manchester is a place synonymous with house music from the Hacienda days, not to mention other places like The Hangar, Holy City Zoo, North, The Old Monk and of course Sankeys.

We started running events around 2004, and within a few years we were residents at Sankeys. The city has always been a great base for our music, and a huge influence on our style.

We started producing back in 2002, doing courses at MIDI school and SSR to widen our knowledge of software and hardware alike. From setting up a basic home studio and hours of trial-and-error, over the course of the last 13 years we’ve been on a massive journey with our music.

We learned on vinyl and still swear by it to this day when we play, although obviously we’ve moved-on with the times to an extent, using USB in the majority of our sets along with 12″.

Our sound isn’t pigeon-holed under any particular genre. Too many sub genres knocking around these days but we’d say house and techno! We love playing a lot of our own music in our sets, and it really does get some of the biggest reactions during our sets. It’s amazing to be getting support on our new work from the likes of Steve Lawler, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, Shonky, Djebali, John Dimas, Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones, Shaun Reeves & so many more!

Signed up with VIVa MUSiC management & already releases under our belt on VIVa MUSiC, 8Bit, Avotre, Electronique, Politics Of Dancing, Keep It Zen, Lost Records, Material, Underground & our very own System2 to name a few.

2015 looks to be a great year as we become a regular in the Viva Warriors showcases & also filling out or diary a lot more internationally



Politics Of Dancing brings together two DJs and music producers who are strong figures of parisian deep house nights : S.M.A.L.L & PACO.
Guillaume Paco is the creator and main deejay of one of the famous “Open House” party at l’Elysée Montmartre in Paris, , and he has been touring clubs all over the world since the mid nineties.
David Matarasso aka S.M.A.L.L is a renowned producer and very talented deejay, who has already signed on labels such as Esperanza, Catwash, Brique Rouge, Overall, Mixx Records to name but a few.
S.M.A.L.L & Paco have been deejaying together for more than 10 years, and have their own imprint : Politics Of Dancing Records.
Paco spent his childhood in Africa. His early musical experiences were influenced by Funk, Soul & traditional African music. At the age of 15 he moved back to France and started to get involved in underground dance music. Three years later he became resident Dj at ʻExitʼ, pioneering house music and Techno in Brittany.
While traveling around Europe in the mid nineties, he started to promote parties and got invited to play in big events & festivals with the likes of Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Josh Wink and Carl Craig.
In 1998, he created Paris Open House Parties with Lorenzo Buitoni. Every month over 1500 people used to gather at lʼElysée Montmartre, Le Bataclan, The Showcase, Zig Zag or Maximʼs to enjoy his innovative selection of Deep House, Techno and Disco tracks alongside some of the best deejays and producers. He forged Open Houseʼs musical identity and remains itʼs resident Dj and artistic director. He also played in most clubs that made the french scene (Rex Club, Badaboum, Studio 287, Batofar, Terrassa, Redlight…), released a mixed cd for the Open House Parties @ Elysée Montmartre in 2001 and produced tracks for Kaîlash Recordings with Fabric’s resident Arnaud Le Texier.
Paco has a reputation of being a very experienced and much respected professional. His skills led him to play in many places including Brasil, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, St-Marteen, Guadalupe, Canary Islands, United States, Holland, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Prague, and Portugal.Aside with PACO is David Matarasso, known as S.M.A.L.L. He discovered House music in 2000 in California, as he was playing on the famous Hip Hop Radio Station in San Diego, Z90.
He came back to France with an explosive mix of Hip Hop, Deep House and funky minimal flavors in mind, ready to burn Paris.
He became one of the main residents Djs at the famous Sunday parties “TERRASSA” with David Duriez and Phil Weeks, and a regular guest in Paris’s most quality House music clubs, Batofar, Studio 287, Nouveau Casino or Redlight.
In 2005, he crossed new boundaries for a 6 month tour in Asia. Based in Shanghai, he did the opening of the “BARBAROSSA” with a one year residency and the Big Opening of “SPACE- IBIZA”. Representing the underground scene in china, he played as a Resident Dj at Fabric, V.I.P Room, Space and crossed the continent from Shanghai, Canton, Beijng to Malaysia. This allowed him to becoming one of the top Djs in Asia and led him to get the residency for the famous Underground “BAICAI” parties in Beijing, playing alongside with Locodice, Paul Ritch, Shonky, Anthony Collins and Nima Gorji.
His talent and unique personality led him to regulalry play at the Rex Club, Zig Zag, Badaboum and Sundae Parties in Paris and to travel around the world from France to Belgium, Germany, Spain, Ibiza, Mexico, the USA, Australia, Tahiti, Moorea or New- Caledonia.
S.M.A.L.L has already done releases for Brique Rouge, RZ Muzik, Catwash Records, Esperanza, Monique Musique, Mixx Records, Overall or District Raw.
S.M.A.L.L & PACO have been deejaying together for quite a while now, and their complicity led to a strong way of moving a dancefloor. Their Deep House duo, Politics Of Dancing is gaining bigger and bigger audience, as their productions on Politics Of Dancing Records delights the dancefloors of DC10, Panorama Bar or Amnesia, in the hands of Apollonia, Ricardo Villalobos or Tuccillo. They are actually working on several projects with System2, Tuccillo, Franck Roger, John Dimas, Mr KS, Djebali, Djul’z and Hector Moralez. Their tracks « Battle Groove » and « Listen To My Spiel » are featured on the Kehakuma Space Ibiza compilation mixed by Javi Bora and « Battle Groove » was mentioned by Deep House London as one of the DC10 anthems of the summer 2014 in Ibiza. They run their label nights in some of the most popular and underground parisian clubs (Rex Club, Badaboum, Zig Zag and Malibv) and already have planned Politics Of Dancing parties in England, Italy and Belgium.
In one night, those two long time friends are capable to transport you from the funkiest Chicago classic to the deepest underground House tune. Together, they can turn any audience into fulfilled clubbers.



Outstrip is one of the most successful producers and DJs of Ukraine, with more than 10 years of DJ experience. Since 2010, Outstrip have been creating their own tracks, for labels like Rejected, Inmotion, Stil Vor Talent, Beef Records, Sintope, Fantastic Friends Recordings, Lapsus Music, Electronique, District Raw and others.

They’ve had considerable success in various charts around the globe, including top downloads in popular stores like Beatport, Traxsource and Resident Advisor monthly 50 Most Charted tracks. Their tracks were featured in playlists of the most influential DJs of the world.

We Play Deep radio show hosted by Outstrip is being broadcast fortnightly on Kiss FM Ukraine and dozens of other radio stations around the world. Each new episode of the show introduces you to the actual Outstrip sound ó music for your mind, body, and soul.

Being devoted fans of vinyl, Outstrip spin their carefully selected plates at the best parties of Ukraine and do not miss the major festivals (Kazantip, Global Gathering and Ostrov), feeling at ease at both insane raves and small conceptual clubs playing for people with exquisite music taste.

Already released on : Dogmatik, Outstrip Wax, Knee Deep In Sound, Rejected, Stil Vor Talent, Fantastic Friends Recordings, Signatune Records, Electronique, Lapsus Music, BEEF Records, District Raw, Inmotion Music, Paul’s Boutique, Zoo:Technique, Highway Records, Artreform, Jeahmon!, Sintope, Nice To Be Records, Say What? Recordings, Blind Vision Records, Frole Records



Born in Canary Islands; during the last three years, Moises has seen how his skill has grown, by his innate talent for music, and his huge creativity on his sets, the fusion of various styles, but all with underground seal. 2011 has been specially positive; has played in Canarian big festivals and clubs, with artists like Terence :terry:, Martin Landsky, Matthias Tanzmann, Tiefschwarz, Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex and more… As a producer, his talent is undeniable, playing practically all kind of house and techno styles, but with a personal seal, endorsed by his releases on important labels, as District Raw, Dogmatik, Soleil de Nuits, Overall Music and Catwash. Actually, his schedule is full of new proyects that will be coming out soon on labels as Roush, Electronique, Decay, Oblack, Isgud, Genial and Downhill Music label owner.



Thomas Roland is a French established dj from the London underground scene.

Thomas Roland is a French established Dj from the London underground scene. He is the Co-founder of a label called HIGHPATH.

After discovering a love for the sounds of underground house music in Paris, the
French record-spinner moved to London in 2012 to further his skills, immerse
himself in the scene and continue his electronic education… There, he quickly got
a residency at Colors from which he was able to meet and mix with many
talented Djs & producers.

Through this experience he really began to feel the strength of his love towards
house and techno to finally start his music production. His first release came out
in March 2016 on Colors music label.

Thomas Roland notoriety in London & Europe has been on the rise, through his
appearances in Berlin, Paris, Ibiza or Milan at the most well respected underground
events. He describes his music as coming ‘from the heart’. His groovy, sexy and
energetic style sliding from techno to deep house was, amongst others,
influenced by his different meetings.



After a decade promoting and being resident at one of Leeds’ finest underground parties, Ray Mono is now stepping out of the shadows. That party, Mono_Cult, was inspired by endless seasons in Ibiza, specifically the afterparty carry ons at DC10 and Cocoon. They gave him a fine understanding of what it takes to work a crowd at many different times in the day, and now armed with that knowledge he is serving up his own unique take on house and techno in booths across Europe.

Preferring rolling, infectious tunes that get under your skin and tease with warm bass and subtle percussion, his tech sound—both as a DJ and a producer—is fresh and on point. It is designed to get you dancing and keep you locked in the groove for hours on end. It’s about building a mood and freaking you out with invention and unexpected twists and turns that all tell a story.

Already he is making waves with EPs on top labels like NOFITSTATE and with a solo EP and tune on a Various Artists EP on BlindVision, and has plenty more planned for the rest of the year. Having pushed everything but music to one side, Ray Mono is now making his mark on the underground scene.



Claude Monnet – DJ, producer, supporter, musical fountain, luminaire.
The above words can be used to describe one of France’s most-revered house and electronic music DJ’s. From his inception into music at the tender young age of 16, where he learnt how to spin wax at landmark clubs such as Le Queen, Le Palace and Les Bains Douches, to currently touring the world from London to Singapore and beyond, Claude’s name has become synonymous with deep grooves and blissful beats – it’s all given an extra special, smooth French touch, keeping Claude’s trademark style firmly in tact.
His sober attitude and uncompromising love of music have allowed him to be recognized as one of the world’s best DJ producers – this recognition propelled him into some of the largest electronic music events such as Ibiza’s “French Revolution” with Daft Punk and Cassius in 1998 and the co- production of a 1998 Eiffel tower show with Jean-Michel Jarre in front of more than one million people (and subsequent Jarre’s “Odyssey Through 02” album).
Nowadays, when he’s not travelling the world, dazzling the super cool crowd of The Rex in Paris, or caressing the crowds of Pacha and Amnesia in Ibiza, Claude keeps busy as a producer and record label boss. A man with a keen and clear vision, Claude set up labels SSOH and Analog, both focusing on different strands within the vast world of electronic music.
Where Analog concentrates on Claude’s own masterful production skills as he weaves dreamy big room house, SSOH heads further into the underground, championing and supporting artists who are breaking entities and looking for a lift into the scene they so adore. Previous Frenchmen who have felt the golden Claude touch have been Parisian disco mainstay Dimitri From Paris, DJ Gregory, Llorca, Franck Roger, Rocco, David Duriez and Laurent Garnier. They are of course in the best hands when they approach the Godfather of the Parisian dance scene – he did of course discover the ever- popular popstar/producer Martin Solveig. Hell, Claude’s son even starred in the video for Martin’s smash hit single ‘C’est la vie’.
Claude’s music finds its roots heavily entrenched within a number of musical disciplines, each bleeding, melding and growing into one another. Detailed but eclectic, Claude’s music exploits the musical timbres and conventions of house, soul, disco and funk, extracting the best bits and mixing them with Latin and African beats, infused by a warm energy akin to Detroit Techno. Keeping its identity firmly in the underground, whilst simultaneously experimenting with the hooks and pop conventions of more commercial Dance music, the beauty of Claude’s sound is it’s ability to sit comfortably between the underground and over-ground scenes – able to make each strand to come together and share inspiration, whilst he confidently forges his own unique sound and image somewhere between the two. A skill he has become an expert at, with over 20 years in the game, and his first production coming out in 1995, Claude’s integrity and ear for music are second to none.
Creating special events for international DJs such as Not2bad, Claude Monnet’s passion always leads him to groundbreaking projects such as Back to Fundamentals, a mix of electronic music and urban art. 2010 and beyond is certainly no different – with a new initiative about to begin with the B2F project, keep your eyes peeled for a succession of EP releases from the stable, including a popular monthly podcast series, each month taking the listener through a delectable journey through house
music and disco-tinged funk. Old and New, smooth and heavy and always on point, with a huge core fan base and a large, power-sharing focus of interactivity through street art competitions and initiatives, Claude’s B2F podcasts have become a benchmark for quality in the global scene.
And so…with projects planned throughout 2010 and into 2011, two high quality and prolific labels, plus a third label / podcast / creative concept all set to gain even more pace, we invite you to dive in and discover as Claude extends the reach of his warm, thoughtfully crafted beats and uniquely creative approach on modern music. Claude Monnet. 20 years in the making…and still going strong.



Giacomo De Falco, born in Naples on October 4, 1995, is a young artist and DJ lover of electronic music. At the beginning of his journey, he tries to find space to perform and show off in the small rooms of his suburban area, trying to make known his name and his ideal of music. Slowly continuing and improving his course of disk jockey, he tries to deepen the studies of the production and with the passing of time, since 2013, he begins to churn out his first releases and his first productions to offer the public one of his most important in the summer of 2014, which manages to have the esteem of Martin Rebelski a real piano wizard who collaborates on his album “Rainbow”. But at the same time the good outputs in the field of production can also improve in the evening and in fact at the end of 2014 performs as a warm up to an artist like Little Louie Vega, a historic legend of the House world. In the following years the young talent works hard to amaze even more musically collaborating on his albums with more established artists including: Danny Serrano, Pele & Shawnecy, Spencer K, Eduardo De La Calle, Rebelski, Horatio, Sascha Sonido, Peter Brown, Gianni Sabato, GruuvElement’s, Gianni Cuomo, Alessio Rizzo, Gianluca Rattalino respectively on record labels like Deeperfect, Noexcuse, Bonanza Records, My Vision Records, Radycal, Dushe Label, De-Noize Records, Psychodelic, and many others. From 2016 and in particular throughout the summer of 2016 in the best clubs in Europe and the world (Space Ibiza, Amnesia Ibiza, Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, Awakenings, Pacha Munich, Sunwaves Festival etc.) Marco Carola with his Music On and It’s All About The Music has played and resounded continuously one of his best records “Mejorar” released on Bonanza Records Los Angeles climbing the digital charts. Nowadays his productions are played all over the world by artists like Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Richy Ahmed, Butch, Stefano Noferini, Franky Rizardo and many others among the best in the world .. To Be Continued



Alessandro D’Amico, aka Alex Damis, began his journey actively in the music world only after a trip with his friends to Ibiza. Always fascinated by the world and club music, at the age of 21 he decided to buy his first mixer. Attending the Milan club environment, the local party promoters “Big Family” gave him the opportunity to play in their events and with their resident DJs in 2015 at the Tsunami Club in room 2. With passion and determination Alex earned his place in the Room 1, where he becomes a resident, sharing the decks with names such as Simone Liberali, Sossa, Ricky Montanari, Frank Storm and starts playing in other clubs like the Live Club, alongside Hector and the Sankeys in Ibiza for Unusual Suspects party.

At the same time, Alex produced EPs and V.A. with Hang on Music by Alex M, Reckless by Siwark and Distrikt Records. In his musical journey Alex gets to know more about electronic music in all its aspects and changing musical style, finding his path in a mix between dancefloor and quality. In 2017,  he remixes Ray Mono for an EP on Zingiber Audio Digital.

Continuously improving, Alex Damis is determinated, driven by his love for the music and entertain people with the most beautiful language of the world, to leave his mark in the world of Club Music.


James Reid’s life revolves around music and he has had an obsession with House music since 1998. Once a pure vinyl-only DJ, buying records from stores in Leeds,James developed his musical acumen and grew a formative style which is always deep, with smooth chords,hypnotic melodies,strong percussive elements and warm bass lines. After some local success in England, James discovered another place where the music he loved was centered,Ibiza. He started working the summer seasons in 2003 – 2006 as a resident DJ and made a permanent move to the island in 2011. He has held residencies at leading sunset bars and has played at Space Ibiza at Carl Cox’s revolution night for Midnight Social Records, one of the 5 labels James is currently signed to. As a producer, James is now developing a strong presence in the genre that he loves with releases gaining interest from pioneers of the scene with support from the likes of Laurent Garnier and Gene Farris. With his focus now on production, releasing tracks and establishing himself in the nightclub scene, 2018 looks set to be his biggest yet.


Teeda is a fresh and exciting talent from Liverpool. Tom has had previous releases under Baile Musik, New Violence and Zinger Records, as well as under his own name on labels such as Twisted Fusion, Krafted & Waldliebe Familien. His releases deliver deep, driving, heavyweight tech tracks perfect for big rooms. Teeda tends to combine hard hitting synths with nagging perc lines and throbbing basslines to create a trademark sound.


Parisian duo formed by Jedsa Soundorom & Gauthier DM in 2018.


For the past 10 years Gauthier Duchastel de Montrouge aka Gauthier DM has been an active contribution to the French music scene. His dj/sets are a range betweendeep and tech house, to old school and dub techno.
Originally from Paris and after spending two years in Berlin, this young man is part of the new generation of producers to come out from France, with several releases on main french imprints Chris Carrier’s Adult Only, Phil Week’s Robsoul & Dj W!LD Catwash Records + The W Label, recently and slowly he is starting to get recognised for his groovy and sensual productions.
He is currently relocated in Paris and is getting ready to drop some new musical sounds.
Such experiences and dedication has granted Gauthier DM to have countless international gigs from Europe to China or South America, you name it. Playing at places such as DC10 Ibiza, Kazantip Republic, Sonar Barcelona, Burning Man, Renate Berlin, Brasil, Rex Paris…
After ten years of djing Gauthier DM has not given up the motivation to seek for new inspiration and is looking forward to the years to come.
Knowing exactly how to work a crowd Gauthier DM music’s is groovy end is infected with warm charm and boundless energy.



Producer, DJ and musician. He has played at storied venues such as Warehouse702 (Tokyo/Japan), Clapper (Osaka/Japan), Space (Ibiza), GOA Fabrik (Madrid), Charada (Madrid), Kaleidoscope (Moscow), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Kama Kama (Italy), Weekend (Berlin), Ritter Butzke (Berlin), Kosmonaut (Berlin), Nouveau Casino (Paris), Underground (Limerick/Ireland), Papagayo Beach Club (Tenerife), Sonar OFF (Barcelona), BLVD Club (Barcelona), Sala Boite (Barcelona), etc… to entertain crowds with his deep, driving sets. Carlos is a solid concept of the timeless word musically speaking. His ability to transcend genres and trends has seem him hold one of the most consistent levels. Undoubtedly, one of the most versatile, deep and energetic djs.

This prowess has manifested in a prolific release schedule consisting on labels such as Poker Flat Recordings, Freerange Records, 8bit Records, Home Invasion, Politics Of Dancing, Overall Music, Plastic City, Supernature, La Vie En Rose, Akbal Music, Time Has Changed, Inmotion Music, In Haus Music, Frenzy Music, etc.

As a DJ, he’s set his sights truly high, appearing at some places over the world such as Japan, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Ireland, and of course Spain and Canary Islands.

In 2016, Carlos has launched his own imprint called LOWWAXX, which is also his new aka. The label is and will be exclusively only vinyl.
LWX001 was released by himself featuring the B side with the UK artist based Tijn. In few weeks weeks was sold out in all stores receiving strong support from artists such as

Enzo Siragusa, Sepp, Archie Hamilton, Malin Génie, Seb Zito, XDB, Jack Wickham, Justin Zerbst (Eklo), to mention a few of them.

This year LWX002, Lowwaxx & Trujillo – Alquimia EP which will be out in summer. And finally the 003… we can’t speak about it yet but will be something BIG.



Label Owner – Midnight Social Recordings (UK) & Amongst Others (UK)

Resident – (UK) – Lip Service (Leeds)

One half of ‘Low Tone’ with Al Bradley

Carlo Gambino should need no introduction to this industry we all love, he has been DJ’ing since the 90’s and has played at many of worlds best loved club nights including ‘Back to Basics’ (Leeds), ‘Sankeys’ (Manchester), ‘Trafik’ (London), ‘Space’ (Ibiza), ‘Culture Box’ (Copenhagen), ‘Pix Club’ (Switzerland), ‘Decadence’ (Paris), ‘Verboten’ (NYC), ‘Sash’ (Sydney).

In 2016, Carlo had been one of Audiojack’s residents in Ibiza for their Sunday Social party at Veto. To round off that magic season in Ibiza, Carlo also held a series of label parties at the legendary Space for Carl Cox. These four exclusive dates ran throughout the summer taking various artists off the label, hosting the premier Etage Terrace all night long. This also happened to be the very last year for Space and Carl Cox as we all know which made the summer even more special.

Collecting Vinyl from the age of 11, Carlo was 16 when his love of all things ‘House’ began. It became very clear from an early age that music would play a major role in Carlo’s life; for over 35 years his father has worked in the music industry, touring with artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Take That and Rod Stewart, so it came as no surprise that he was destined to follow a similar path. 

Carlo’s dj career spans well over 2 decades with his production career now well into double figures gaining countless support from all the A-listers including Jamie Jones, Mark Jenkyns, Moodymanc, Justin Harris, PBR Streetgang, Denney, Adam Shelton, Inland Knights to name but a few.

Carlo’s first release was on New York label, Blunted Funk; under the Hoodlums; guise with fellow Leeds dj/producer Euan Mitchell. A remix then followed on Slovenian label ‘Papstec’, and then a full EP on Polish label ‘Look Ahead’. After several other releases it wasn’t until 2010 that was the start of something special. Carlo got the break he needed signing a 3 track EP for the legendary ‘3am Recordings’.

Since that first signing for the label, Carlo has gone onto release several more tracks for 3am including the labels 50th anniversary release. Several strong releases have followed since the start of 2010, which have led to a rapid increase in demand for Carlo’s original and remix work globally. With releases on heavyweights such as Made With Love, Whoyostro, Oh So Coy, Bullet:dodge, Click Therapy, Dilate, Something Else, Proper Slap, Tokyo Red, Euphoria, Still Play Records and Jamie Jones’s ‘Hot Waves’.

In 2011 Carlo launched his very own digital imprint, ‘Midnight Social Recordings’. With Artists such as Al Bradley, Joe Morris, Denney, Tim Weeks, Luke Gibson, Adam Collins, Dudley Strangeways to name but a few already released on the label. The label is going from strength to strength and gaining recognition in all the right places. The label is now pushing forward this year with another string of quality releases including more vinyl releases, which will take the label up past the mammoth 50th mark.

Carlo has also now formed a new house partnership under the name of ‘Low Tone’ with good friend Al Bradley of 3am Recordings. Carlo Gambino and Al Bradley are two of the gems in Leeds’ electronic crown – steadily honing their reputations as two of the most reliable and consistent DJ/producers in the city. Carlo and Al have been in amongst the scene since the early 90s playing around the UK, Europe and beyond and between them, the guys have notched up a impressive gig list across the years.

Glass Coffee



Funny name, eclectic and well-defined sound. Glass Coffee spent the last three years delivering a constant amount of high quality tracks, ranging throughout the different genres of electronic music.

As a dj and producer, Glass Coffee varies from groovy, percussive house music via spaced out journeys to darker and provocative vibes, sets that sound like oneiric sonics opus.

Coming from new a sensational season dividing his time between EUA and Italy, he has delighted the crowds at Siddharta Lounge and Buddha bar in Dubai , Zuma in Rome, where he built a solid looking, forward and very unique vision of organic, oneiric deep house and techno, as well as some of the most intriguing private parties in the UAE, while in during the previous years he was the resident at Shoreditch House London, and Singita Miracle Beach Rome. Glass Coffee is now preparing for his summer tour that will see him playing in Italy, Greece, Spain and his summer residency at the iconic Pathos Sunset Lounge in IOS.

Klik Records/Nang Records/Is It Balearic(Vinyl)/ Melodica Recordings are some of the labels that have hosted his releases so far, with his Eclettica compilation being twice sold out at Colette Paris, while his ‘Disclosures’ on Is It Balearic became an instant classic.

His release on DeepSeason Records ‘Calash Of Sand’ and a remix for Electric Zeus – Metamorphic on Illegal Ghost, gained the support by the likes of Agoria, The Shapeshifters, Sam Divine, support that follows his new release ‘ Whispering Fingers’ as well.

The ‘Doors Of Pakhwaji (Vocal Edit)’ with MZ SUNDAY LUV was out on his own Illegal Ghost, while an instrumental short version was previously released on the latest Buddha bar Montecarlo compilation, receiving stunning feedbacks from great names on the electronic scene like Sam Divine(Defected), BeSvendsen and Audiojack (Crosstown Records).

Glass Coffee’s tracks have been used in an number of City Life compilations with the likes of :Sascha Funke,Till Von Sein Tim Engelhardt,,Matthew Herbert, Solee,M.A.N.D.Y.,Noze,Tiger Stripes,Rick Wade,

His latest remix of Antarah on Illegal Ghost out on 18 May 2018, is being supported strongly also from the likes of Jordi Villalta(Ibiza Global Radio-It’s All About The Music)

His ‘The Miracle(Part One)’ from his debut album will be out on Klik Records 07 September 2018.

Glass Coffee is the label boss at Illegal Ghost and Perfect Sinner.



Ramona discovered the music in childhood. She started to play the piano really early that becomes her biggest passion. Her refined sound allows her to belong to the reputed organization We Play The Music We Love and to appear regularly on radio show as the Italian Signal Hills, Soundzrise on Radio M2o, Pure ibiza Radio and Ibiza Global Radio. Based in Paris now, she intensifies her productions and released on Celo Rec, 324 Records, Baile Musik, Chronovision Ibiza and Zingiber Audio. Supported by Kerri Chandler Ramona has already performed at famous clubs such as Rashomon Club (Roma), Concrete (Paris), Output Club (New York) and got the privilege to share the desk with Raresh, Seth Troxler, Lens, Dan Andrei, Dj T, Josh Wink, Laura Jones, Radioslave, Sonja Moonear, Scuba, Jackmaster, Marc Houle…

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Nationality: France
Location: Berlin
Type of Performance: LIVE & DJ

Label: Eastenderz / Organic / Zingiber Audio


With a tireless work ethic and a focus on creation rather than infamy. His rise as Doub- tingThomas has been a slow and steady one, with releases on key underground labels and prestigious residencies confirming what those in the know already understand; that this is an artist worth paying attention to.

While he has been producing since the 90s when he was exploring downtempo trip hop and ambient sounds, DoubtingThomas has been continuously immersing himself in a wide range of styles that all feed into the more dance floor focused material he works on today. During his time spent in London throughout the 00’s he developed a live set which has become one of the key channels for his creative energy. Meanwhile he scored releases on labels such as Eastenderz, Soul Jazz Records, 2020 Vision and AMAM amongst others at the peak of minimal techno’s creativity. Besides this more personal work he composes music for Universal Publishing and Cezame Music Agency in a commercial capacity.

His sound has always drawn upon wider influences than cookie-cutter dancefloor mu-
sic, reaching to jazz and musique concrete to find textures that challenge in between the rhythms, and so it is that his distinctive live set has become his calling card in recent times. With recent tours taking him to the likes of Arma in Moscow, Rex Club in Paris and across the US, audiences around the world have been awoken to the distinctive Doub- tingThomas sound. It’s the same kind of unique spirit that he brings to his DJing, taking chances to present a crowd with an alternative to the straight and narrow rules of so much club music.

While the performances keep on rolling, Aurelien is also investing his considerable energy into a multitude of recording projects from his current base in Berlin, continuing a thread started with the downtempo collaborative project D.O.T.S he began in London and moving it away from a jazz leaning to more experimental pastures under THE PROMISES banner.





Gruia is an emerging House Music producer and DJ from Bucharest, heavily influenced by Romanian and East-European traditional and modern culture.

Gruia’s story starts with the many nights spent in the first professional studio where he got to work, learn and experiment back in 2006, with a passion for abstract beats and melodies rooted in his early teens. Since those first steps he has pushed on relentlessly on the path towards an expressive, meaningful and touching electronic repertoire.

Although he started producing much earlier, Gruia’s debut release was published only in 2013, after years of work and experimentation. His vinyl debut, ‘Nature Calls’ EP, on Degree Records, hit the top 10 Sales Chart, followed by the break-through ‘Malediction’ EP on Natural Rhythm. The release featured remixes from Hermanez and Horatio and was widely supported and played by artists like Sasha, Dennis Ferrer, Sidney Charles, Uner and many more. Later in 2014, his new material with Horatio, ‘Cradle In The Wind’ EP, was picked up by none other than VIVa MUSiC Limited, consolidating Gruia’s recognition as an electronic artist. ‘The Ritual’, one of the tracks on the release, went up in the Beatport Top 100 Charts soon after launch. This success was followed by another impressive 4-tracker, this time on the renowned Circus Recordings, enjoying support and airplay from John Digweed, Roger Sanchez and having yet another track featured in the Top 100 charts. In 2015 Gruia continues to grow his presence in the electronic scene, adding labels like Clarisse, Trapez and Monza Ibiza to his portfolio.

Although feeling most at home in the studio, Gruia is no stranger to the stage. Naturally, his love for blending records has grown simultaneously with his passion for production and engineering, and it’s when seeing him play live that you can truly sample a glimpse of Gruia’s musical inclination. Weather opening an event or coming in at peak time, his energy when stepping up to the decks is contagious and his sets are known to get people moving right from the first track. On top of his rolling Tech House grooves you sometimes might hear sounds inspired by Gruia’s Romanian origins, unusual instruments or melodies mixed into a unique and exotic blend.

Having the experience of performances in clubs as well as open-air events, both local and abroad, Gruia loves the crowd. For the past two years he has been spending his summer seasons in Ibiza drawing inspiration and building experience with events in notable locations like Sankeys Ibiza, Bora Bora, Santos Hotel, Es Vive, Savannah, Dharma and radio guest mixes on major stations such as Ibiza Global Radio and Ibiza Sonica. Internationally, He’s played in venues such as Mendeleev (Moscow), Soho (Brussels), La Folié (Tirana) and the well-known Sonar OFF Week in Barcelona.

With fresh materials upcoming on some of the industry’s major labels, Gruia develops his music determined to leave a mark in the local and international scene, despite the flood of new (and not always quality) music it’s currently faced with.